Coaching for Results

Thinking into Results Program :

Developed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, Thinking Into Results Combines over 50 years of research in the personal and professional development industry.

Thinking Into Results is an extremely affective coaching program for individuals and corporations who are truly interested in progressive growth, moving them from where they are, to where they truly desire to be. Likewise, it provides leaders the very best information available on how to draw the most out of their people, the leader’s biggest untapped resource. It teaches leaders and teams how to close the gap between knowing and doing and in the process create more meaningful and purpose-driven lives as they dramatically improve results.

Thinking into Results facilitator, who will guide you throughout all the steps to reach your goals, not just once, but over and over again!

This transformational program is presented into twelve logical, straight forward and practical lessons composed on 12 DVDs plus a workbook delivered to you in physical format or online streaming and MP3s.


Transforming Lessons :

LESSON1 : A Worthy Ideal – The importance of setting big goals to inspire and promote quantum leaps.
LESSON2 : The Knowing-Doing Gap – What we know and what we do.
LESSON3 : Your Infinite Mind – Using Your Mind to Get the Results You Want.
LESSON4 : The Secret Genie – How the mind works to get you the results: The conscious and subconscious mind.
LESSON5 : Thinking Into Results – Our intellectual and creative faculties.
LESSON6 : Environment is But Our Looking Glass – Our self-image: Creating that winning image.
LESSON7 : Trample the Terror Barrier – Understanding our doubts and fears and going beyond.
LESSON8 : The Power of Praxis – Aligning your beliefs with you.
LESSON9 : The Magic Word – The Magic of Attitude.
LESSON10 : The Most Valuable Person – Leading from within.
LESSON11 : Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase – Creating meaningful experiences, always.
LESSON12 : Magnifying the Mind – The Secret to Increasing the Power of Your Mind.

Join this program that is facilitated in Portuguese or English. For more information and a free demonstration please contact Marta Madeira today.