Payroll Solutions

Payroll Processing :

The management of salaries is a task is complex and has impact in the most important aspects of your talent management, particular if you wish to have the ability of maintaining a flexible paying structure that allows you to offer competitive salaries to particular positions with skills that are scarce in the market. ATOS has a team of professionals able to offer you the highest standard of payroll management, designed to cater to your needs.

We have the following solutions ready for you :

  • Payroll processing and payment of salaries direct to the employee account.
  • Payroll processing and submission of payroll to you for payment.
  • Electronic payslips processing and submission.
  • Electronic processing of INSS.
  • Management and payment of statutory deductions.
  • Advise on local compulsory benefits and competitive and non compulsory benefits

Benefits to you :

  • Compliance with taxation law and social security
  • Maintain confidentiality of salaries giving you flexibility to make strategic decisions regarding paying outside you pay structure.
  • Frees your time and resources thus allowing you to focus in key processes of your business.
  • Eliminates risk of payroll fraud.